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Despite the recent introduction of new legislation there are still far too many cases of ill- treatment and ignorance towards animals in Japan. Here are the main problems:


– Large-scale pet abandonment

– Commonplace keeping of dogs and cats perpetually tethered or confined to small cages or boxes

– Failure to understand the basic requirements and responsibilities of animal ownership

– Lack of modern animal welfare shelters and rehoming procedures

– Badly-managed, overcrowded dog and cat breeding farms with grossly inhumane methods for the disposal of unsold animals

– Pet shops offering kittens and puppies for sale, which are often far too young and often sick, from overcrowded and unregulated premises

– Ritual racing of horses in ‘traditional’ festivals which result in the cruel treatment of horses

– Cramped and filthy conditions in many town zoos and in small private travelling zoos or menageries

– The inhumane and outdated commercial slaughter of whales and dolphins.


We at JAWS UK support animal welfare activities in Japan by:


1. Direct financial support to JAWS Japan


We provide monthly funding to our sister society, which employs two animal welfare inspectors to investigate cruelty complaints and provide expertise in the development of animal welfare legislation and enforcement. JAWS Japan’s staff and volunteers – in all eight branches throughout Japan – are constantly engaged in animal welfare activities. These range from consultation regarding the care and management of pet animals, adoptions and fostering to the promotion of subsidised spaying/neutering operations and the promotion of microchip identification schemes for pets.


JAWS Japan is also a managing member of the Japan Coalition for Animal Welfare (JCAW) and is actively involved in the promotion of revisions to the Welfare and Management of Animals Act via seminars, workshops, public lectures and direct representation to the government of Japan.


2. JAWS UK grants


Examples of projects and activities we support:


– Approved kennelling, fostering and rehoming projects necessary for the rescue and rehabilitation of neglected, stray or unwanted pet animals

– The provision of or funding for essential humane animal handling equipment and improvements to animal handling facilities

– Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR) projects designed to improve welfare and prevent increases in feral cat colonies

– Improvements to facilities at local and prefecture animal control and management centres, including the development of cooperative schemes between volunteers and authorities to improve the assessment and rehoming of stray and unwanted (relinquished) animals

– Seminars, workshops and other educational programmes designed to change cultural and official attitudes to animal welfare and to promote the improvement and enforcement of current legislation relating to the welfare of all classes of domestic animals, farm animals and wildlife, including the further regulation and inspection of pet shops, zoos, animal fairs, sales and breeding establishments in accord with modern animal welfare standards and the ‘Five Freedoms’

– Financial assistance towards the training of animal welfare inspectors through the RSPCA’s International Department and JAWS Tokyo seminars

– Grants to support the efforts of the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) and Campaign Whale in promoting the curtailment of the unnecessary and inhumane killing of whales and dolphins in Japanese waters and elsewhere.

If you or your organisation would like to apply for a grant from JAWS UK, please contact the JAWS UK office (below) for an application form.


3. Newsletters


We produce an annual newsletter packed with animal welfare news, events and information about the projects being carried out in Japan. This is for our members, supporters and other animal welfare organisations.


Copies are available for download below or by contacting the JAWS UK office.

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