Wild Welfare

Wild Welfare is a charity working globally to improve welfare for wild animals living in captivity...

Wild Welfare has been working in Japan for several years, and with the generous support from AWJ we have been able to make some amazing progress in improving animal welfare across Japan.

Wild Welfare’s philosophy is to work in collaboration with captive wild animal facilities, such as zoos, sanctuaries and wildlife parks, to develop compassionate and empathy-based solutions to the most critical welfare concerns. We also work with authorities to create scientific and evidence-based initiatives which lead to reform in animal welfare practices and legislation.

From creating reports on bear parks and research into animal cafés to helping develop animal welfare standards and legislation, Wild Welfare is facilitating a sustainable change
in what good animal welfare is and how it can be achieved in Japan.

Visit the Wild Welfare website here

How you can help

Over the past 65 years, our funding has enabled organisations in Japan to help thousands of suffering animals.
However, despite the introduction of new Japanese animal welfare legislation, there is still much work to be done. Please donate today and help us put a stop to animal suffering in Japan. Every pound helps. Thank you.