Animal Welfare Japan is a charity based in the UK, dedicated to improving the lives of animals
in Japan. We rely on your generous donations
to continue our work, and have been providing funds, advice and support to help animals
in Japan since 1956.

What we do

We raise money in the UK, which is used to help combat animal cruelty and neglect in Japan. We help fund animal welfare groups who are involved in the rescue, treatment and care of animals. We also help fund research and projects, including animal cafés and zoos.

Being a charity means AWJ doesn’t receive any government funding. We rely on the generosity of animal-loving supporters like you to help us carry on our vital work.

Sadly, there are still thousands of abandoned, neglected and abused animals in Japan, along with mistreated captive animals and wildlife. Our work has never been so important.

Some of the animal issues in Japan our funding helps tackle include:

  • Dogs and cats confined to small cages or boxes
  • Cramped and filthy conditions in zoos and animal parks
  • The cruel commercial slaughter of whales and dolphins.

AWJ also helps fund seminars involving welfare groups and local authorities in improving animal welfare legislation. 

Can you help?

We’re working hard to help support the day-to-day rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of sick, injured and abandoned animals.

We rely on your generous donations to continue our work. Every donation makes a difference and is used to help animals in Japan. Will you make a difference today?


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